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These ignorant idlers

Ignorant Idlers

Ignorant Idlers

I hurriedly entered this busy shop. It had loud music blaring like there is no tomorrow, a few people all over the place and two particular idlers seated in one corner.
Suddenly, Radio and Weasel’s Bread and Butter played. One of the two idlers shot out immediately, in vernacular amidst a laid back, yet very confident tone,  “Oyo si Radio n’e Weasel….. Hmmmn… bafunye award abo nno ku BATE. Abazungu b’abayise, n’ebabagamba mutuule awo tusiime music wamwe. N’ebalyoka babawa award.” Which can loosely be translated as, “Isn’t that Radio and Weasel? Well, those guys got an award from the white people. The whites called them up and ordered them to sit down and receive an award for their good music.”

For a moment I was distracted from what had taken me to the busy place by this loud conversation from a totally misinformed person.
Judging from the way this guy’s message was packaged, it is amazing that people still look at the whites as demi gods of sorts, huh? Besides, Radio and Weasel were nominated in the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards. Back to the idle guy’s message, oba what was his  source of such info? I guess some people are too idle hence the need to find reason to kill the dead unproductive hours.

Because come to think of it, such situations are common among the idle community, read, boda boda riders waiting for passengers, taxi drivers and conductors, idle vendors, etc who look for all reasons to jazz about anything just to keep the day going.
And in so doing, they only grab the headline of the story, and then put their own words to make the body, which is told to all who may care to listen in an extremely confident tone. It makes it very hilarious for someone who is aware of the facts.

Seriously, I do not remember a moment where Radio and Weasel picked an award from “BATE” lol. Bambi I figure these guys could have grabbed a ka sneak peek from a television set within the neighbourhood, saw the duo walking on and off the BET stage, after Ice Prince (the real winner) chose to invite his fellow contenders in the African category to stand with him in his moment of bliss, and quickly concluded that it was their very own “stars” shinning.
Ahem… Funny world it is!

-Connie Nankya

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