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Connie Tiffs

Looks like Ugandans are not made for Big Brother



Do you remember those stressful school sport’s day preparations? Where the authorities in charge would breathe down everyone’s neck to make sure they squeeze the best out of them, all in the name of slaughtering a bull, goat etc? And how about that particular colour/ animal that would always end up in the last position no matter how hard they trained? Yes, that lot was characterised by many peeps who would complain about the results being unfair etc!

Now that kind of scenario reminds me of my country Uganda and its steady downfall as regards the monotonous Big Brother show. It’s just that I am not sure we (Uganda) prepare as well as the peeps in school ahead of the competition dates, because if we did, we would not be making the same mistakes over and over again.

Oba why don’t we openly say we have given up instead of insisting, because from the look of things, the hype died ages ago. Look at us now, two weeks into the show and both our representatives are out. As if we only look out for the hugest flops and send them so that we can just get embarrassed at the end of the day.

This business of pulling ropes that we cannot break is getting to me. For starters, I do not know who is in charge of the whole selection process because it seems they stopped minding about the quality of representatives and they just look out for that so annoying aspect called “face value” or in your local classification “celebrity-ish status”.
And boy oh boy…! haven’t we had it up to our throats with them? From the lousy ones who cannot express themselves in the Queen’s language, the likes that fake accents, to the evidently misplaced ones who forget to carry their own clothes, we have had it!

I also do not know if I am the only one who is tired of that line, “I am thankful for the platform that BBA has availed to me and I know my life will never be the same again”, which characterises this lot’s eviction speeches.

Only for the same people to come and just continue being beyond nobodies even! From the look of things, with those as if “I have extra lime light speeches” these guys do not enter with the required ambition since all they seek is a little limelight. I even doubt if they ever believe that they have what it takes to accomplish the set mission. And their life after the house says it all. Without giving examples, apart from Gaetano Kaggwa, look at the “life after” stories of the former housemates, and be the judge.

How I wish we could for once drift from that misconception and stick to the basics. All one needs is an outstanding character with all the wit and ambition to stay focused regardless of their Big Brother performance.

While the first housemate Gaetano Kaggwa did not step out with the dimes, he made a name for himself and further pushed to keep his name alive even after he left the house, so as a country we did not lose out on having him as a representative.

However, I would not say the same for the others who on top of losing out on the money, did not do much with the “so called achieved fame,” which they talk about in all interviews.

Perhaps we should just stop “typing on things” or up our game when it comes to selecting the right candidate. Now if all the above fail, then we can just stick to making news in all the other common ways. The endless tear gas episodes, impromptu yet uncalled for sieges, the circus of our own Ugandan claiming to be Bill Clinton’s child are just some of the few. Oba do you catch my drift?

I think people should know when to adopt certain things and when to let them go. I do not know who started this but I can imagine some adult who started watching cartoons at a later stage in life, came up with this whole idea of excitement (read- missing a stage).

Like they say, there is a time for everything. If one ever feels like, while their fellow three year olds were experiencing all there is about growing up, they were busy doing the reverse hence the need to revisit the phase, then they should do it behind closed doors and not in public before a bunch of grownups. Because they will look like the biggest lunatics that have ever graced this planet, so let’s stop “forcing life” banaye!

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