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Four One One

Fashion tip: Christine W. Wanjala

Jump suits:   They are one of the latest entries on the fashion scene and as such, everyone wants to try them on. And yes, jump suits are good for a lot of figure types but the thing is, it is not  for all.

And then there was the jump suit. It was good. And everyone wanted to wear it and I would like to say it was good but it isn’t. So are jumpsuits bad? No they are  not, read back a bit,I said they are good, it is the part of every  Mary, Jane and Namatovu  wearing them that isn’t so good.

And this is not one of those rants on how common something is. Hey if you feel comfortable looking like part of a choir because everyone else has the same thing, then I have no problem. It is just that the jumpsuit doesn’t quite suit everyone. There I said it, some of you have no business wearing the one-piece pants and top.

I know itis popular and hip. And really they do look like they can accommodate a lot of figure types. But you see right there is the catch because a lot of figure types not all figure types. So you should think twice before you pick up the suit.

The slimmer among us pull this look best. If you ask me, the jumpsuit was made for the slender girls. But even if you have some meat on your bones, you can still work it. The idea behind the jump suit seems to be proportions, the top balancing out the bottom and the waist cinching it.As long as that is apparent, whatever your size it will work.

It starts straining at the seams literally when there are any exaggerations, say, a very heavy bottom and small top, or a huge bosom and slim hips, or bulging middle. They take the balance out of the trend which actually depends on balance to look good. And to those thus endowed, maybe the jumpsuit is not for you.

But aside from body matters there is also the issue of how you fit it. If you wear one that covers your body much like sausage casing holds in the contents of the sausage, then not only is it not working  but also ceases being a jumpsuit and becomes a catsuit. And if anything has a very specific body type, it is the catsuit. Only Halle Berry and about a handful of women alive today can pull it off.

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