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  • Audio Visual
    Oscar nominated film Watu Wote to premiere at Ngalabi festival

    Early last week, we broke the news of Watu Wote, an East African short film nominated at the Oscars. As you...

    Andrew KaggwaJanuary 31, 2018
  • Audio Visual
    The dvd – Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema

    The movie starts with the climax, the story and the post climax, it is the best way to present it because...

    Brenda BanuraApril 22, 2016
  • Audio Visual
    The dvd: Black coffee

    Have you watched the movie Endless Love? How much did you like it? I liked it so much that I could...

    Brenda BanuraApril 15, 2016
  • Audio Visual
    The dvd: The Water Diviner

    I have tried to watch this movie about four times but on each of those attempts, I did not watch it...

    -Brenda BanuraApril 8, 2016
  • The dvd: Born to win

      I am taking evangelism classes so this movie being Christian gives me the urge to go preacher and all. This...

    Audio VisualBrenda BanuraApril 1, 2016