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    The DVD : Home run

    First, I love the way this movie starts, the instrumentals they play drew me into it. They play I surrender, The...

    Brenda BanuraSeptember 6, 2013
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    The DVD :Open season

    If you love cartoons and animation, you don’t need to read this review. Just get the title and go find the...

    Brenda BanuraAugust 23, 2013
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    The DVD: Trance

    Do you sometimes finish watching a movie and don’t know how you feel about it? Whether it was interesting or not,...

    Brenda BanuraAugust 16, 2013
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    The DVD: The list

    This is one of those movies that makes you feel lazy to talk about later, worse still write about. It is...

    Brenda BanuraAugust 2, 2013
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    In the ideal movie world, thrillers should either be action packed or intriguing. Dead Man Down though watchable to the end...

    Brenda BanuraJuly 26, 2013