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The dvd: The Water Diviner


I have tried to watch this movie about four times but on each of those attempts, I did not watch it beyond its 15th minute. Yes it was that boring. In those minutes, there was a guy who was trying to find water for himself and his wife because they were in a semi desert. The guy decided to dig until he finds and dig he did in vain for so many days, with his dog the only thing cheering him. Eventually, he reached the part of the ground with water. But when he told his wife, she instead abused him, saying the water will not bring back their sons. It is at that point that I stopped, I was too bored to continue. So I went online to read about the gist of the story and this is what Rotten Tomatoes says in brief.
In Four years after the Battle of Gallipoli, Australian farmer Joshua Connor (Russell Crowe) travels to Turkey to find his three sons, who never returned home from the war. When he arrives in Istanbul, he meets others who have also suffered losses: hotelier Ayshe (Olga Kurylenko) and her son, Orhan, who befriends Connor; and Major Hasan (Yilmaz Erdogan), a Turkish officer who fought against Connor’s sons and now may be their father’s only hope in finding closure.


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