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Suddenly singleThis is a stage play. It is an easy one to enjoy whether you like theatre kind of movies or not. It stars Garcelle Beauvais as Samantha Stone who is married to Sylvester (Isaiah Washington). From the look of things, everything is going on well. She is married to her childhood boyfriend with whom they have an adorable son. Thanks to Sylvester’s promotion, they are moving house into a mansion. It doesn’t get better than this especially since there is a beautiful guest house where her friend can stay for as long as she wants.

Then just as Samantha is packing the last bits and getting ready to go to the airport, her husband arrives and leaves her suddenly single. Will that be the end of her love life, will she get him back? All that is revealed in a comical way thanks to the hilarious BeBe Drake and overly dramatic Brely Evans who is an easy favourite. It is a nicely told story about new beginnings.

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