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The DVD : Home run

Home run

Home run

First, I love the way this movie starts, the instrumentals they play drew me into it. They play I surrender, The Moment, Celebrate Hope and a couple others in that category. This is a Christian movie that is subtle about the values. It lets you accept the values at your own terms, in fact, chances are that you will do involuntarily. This is all because of a good act put up by Cory (Scott Elrod) a star baseball player dealing with addictions.

When his career faces a hiccup, he nearly breaks down as he tries to resist taking the journey to recovery.  Through him, we get into the lives of people struggling with lots of things. The catch about this movie is the simplicity with which it rolls out. The plot is ordinary and so is the setting and the characters but even then they draw you in. It is a story of love and redemption. My favourite quotes in there are, “everyone is powerless without God”. The other is, “nothing great happens when you hold back”, nothing I must add.

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