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Lockdown over but not totally over…

Lockdown was partially lifted. Finally. To the top one perc cent, this lockdown wasn’t an issue. Like rich kids with free night club passes courtesy of having the audacity to be born in affluent wombs, some rich people had passes with absolutely no boundaries.

So the partial lockdown has none celebrating. Maybe a gentle raise of the eyebrows before sipping on that 180K whisky and muttering,” There was a lockdown?” Some may even take this privilege a little further and request another lockdown because their favourite spots, roads will now be crowded.

Now that the lockdown is partially lifted, it’s time for you to face and undo the consequences of the lockdown. Did you have perishable goods in a store? Are they dust laden? Did boredom incite you to promise people’s sons and daughters love and weddings? Had you planned post-lockdown trips with absolutely no money? Did you promise to clear your landlord after?

Whatever you have to do, do it. Discard the perishables. Dust your merchandise. Face the person you promised a wedding and tell them that the boredom had affected your mental wellbeing, triggering hallucinations, hence promising love and weddings; that they even have it good, for you promised yourself to topple the government. Face the fact that you may not afford a trip but a random stroll. And that the lockdown doesn’t automatically make it rain enough to clear everyone you owe money.

It has been a long 42 days. We now have a clue how enduring it was for Jesus during those 40 days he spent in the desert. Except lucky for us, we have rectangular electronic devices to keep us occupied. Memes. Tik Toks. And the occasional experimental cooking. Even with all that, we have come to terms that we might not like the hypothesis of being stuck on a desert island after all, regardless what we are stuck there with. You could be stuck with a stack of favourite books, Winnie Nwangi, Idris Elba or even an ice cream machine, and it you’d still prefer freedom.

There is a lot to do now. Places to be. Work to do. And unpopular opinion, but air to breathe. Although with the latter, make sure your mask is on. You heard the President. Once the infections surge again , he’ll lock us down so bad, this time we shall hallucinate in more pixels and HD+. Be places, do the work and breathe but while observing the necessary SOPs.

Don’t be out there hugging, kissing and holding cave raves congratulating yourselves for completing the 42 days.

Facebook: KS Brian

Twitter: @1ksbrian

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