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Martha Kay: I thought Covid-19 was not real until I got infected

World Health Organisation (WHO) recently warned that in countries seeing positive Covid-19 signs, “the biggest threat now is complacency.”
“We continue to urge active surveillance to ensure the virus does not rebound, especially as mass gatherings of all kinds are starting to resume in some countries,” he WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a recent briefing.

In several media briefings, scientists and health officials in Uganda corroborated WHO’s concerns as health facilities across the country are overwhelmed by surging virus cases.
Several virus survivors in Uganda have also confessed to being complacent as, perhaps, one of the reasons they got infected. One of such survivors is a local social media comedienne, Martha Kay.

The social media influencer, model, photographer and actress, real name Martha Kagimba, confessed took to her social media Wednesday to announce how she had been undergoing treatment for the much dreaded virus which has infected thousands of Ugandan and left hundreds dead.
“I was one of those people that thought COVID-19 was not real. I lived life like usual till I caught the virus about a month ago. Woah! It wasn’t fun! I didn’t want to share that info for fear of the stigma but I think it’ll help those living carelessly to know that Covid is real,” she tweeted.

Martha’s confession came hours before the Ministry of Health Wednesday said they had registered 489 new Covid-19 infections as confirmed cases rose to 32,399.
The ministry officials further said virus fatalities had reached 245 with seven more Covid-19 deaths in 24 hours.


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