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Joseph Kabuleta starts the fire with fire fight

Joseph Kabuleta

City Pastor and founder of Watchman Ministries Joseph Kabuleta once said that he fights fire with fire. Whatever he meant, no one knew until today when for the umpteenth time he has come out to fight against the Religious and Faith Based Organisation Policy.

But this time round he has sought a different tactic, besides the columns he has written and the pastor’s forums he has organized in the past.  Kabuleta has appealed to the High court to declare the policy against born again Christians unconstitutional and unenforceable in Uganda, according to a statement seen by the Sqoop website. The policy was circulated through the Directorate of Ethics and integrity and promoted by the Hon Minister Simon Lokodo and Rev. Canon Mwesigwa.

Kabuleeta says that the RFBO policy imposes a state religion on Ugandans contrary to Act. 7 of the Constitution which says that Uganda has no state religion. According to Kabuleeta, it is okay for any Ugandan to practice a religion of themselves and the RFBO policy is instead infringing on their rights.

Through his lawyers Namars Twenda and Co Advocates, Kabuleta is asking court to declare this policy unconstitutional, and to stop the Government of Uganda and all its institutions from enforcing and executing it and to stop the Hon Minister Lokodo and the Director of Religious Affairs Rev. Can. Mwesigye from promoting and enforcing it.

At the beginning of the year, The National Forum of Pastors petitioned President Yoweri Museveni to halt the draft Faith RFBO policy that regulates regulate activities of Born Again Churches in Uganda. Kabuleta was among the Pastors who came out and said that that the policy is uncalled for and oppressive to persons that are called to serve God.

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