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Bad Black celebrates 7 years of bleaching

Bad Black before and after bleaching

Shanitah Namuyimbwa commonly known as Bad Black has come out to show how proud she is proud of making 7 years ever since she bleached her skin. Those who saw Bad Black 7 years ago can attest to her story because you might think it’s just an effect of a FaceApp when you see her photo now and those from 7 years ago.
When she hit the limelight as one of the big spenders in Kampala, Bad Black decided to bleach her skin and even `attempted to change her names to Snail Baibe because her skin colour then didn’t match well with the name Black. She returned to the name Bad Black after Snail was not welcomed by her fans.

Unlike others, Bad Black has never been criticized for bleaching like some ladies that have done it and it hasn’t gone well by exposing some body parts like the knuckles and Ankles remaining in their original colour. For Bad Black bleaching budget may have been big because she totally changed and if it is not for her old pictures, you might think she has never been dark-skinned.
In her message, Bad Black said that it is now 7 years since she started bleaching and she took the opportunity not to be selfish and share with women skin goals. “After realizing that most women bleach and look like Fanta, I have decided to open up and online shopping to help you bleach until you look like Micheal Jackson,” Bad Black said.

She went on and concluded using x-rated language and posted a Whatsapp group link that women can use to join her forum.


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