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Winnie Nwagi apologises to journalist after turning down media interview

Winnie Nwagi

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi earlier today insulted a journalist who asked her for an interview. She was approached by the Journalist who wanted a fashion interview and after the journalist introducing herself and going straight to the point, Nwagi only told her how she doesn’t know her and told her to F*** off.

Hours later after screenshots of their Whatsapp conversation social media, Nwagi sent the journalist and apologized saying she had lately been a victimised by con people. In a text she said “I am sorry for the way I handled this, I have some con person that is disturbing me lately…I am so sorry please forgive me.” She went on to tell the journalist that she hopes she forgives her someday.

We are not sure she was serious or she perhaps realized her mistake after and decided to apologize but people who have worked and still working with Nwagi say she is short tempered and doesn’t keep a good working relationship with others.Late last year, Nwagi almost broke another reporter’s camera because they had taken her photo. Her reasons for her photos being taken were not clear but she didn’t like her photos being taken by the photographer. However, at the time she was seen posing for journalists from other media houses all through the night.

When we spoke to Julius Kyazze who is one of the directors at Swangz Avenue, a music label that Nwagi is signed to, he said that he was going to deal with her in the easiest way possible. “Winnie has been fine lately, she had worked on her behavior after some disciplinary actions,” Kyazze said.
Nwagi’s actions come barely a week after comedienne Ann Kansiime said she would no longer do any media interviews with journalists or any media house unless she’s paid.

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