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Sheebah, Spice Diana and Beenie Gunter paralyse Hoima

Sheebah left the crowd yearning for more

Uganda has talent.

Probably many times we are forced to believe it is only Kampala that matters, but scratch the ground elsewhere, the amount of potential is shocking.

Last week, those that turned up at Boma Grounds in Hoima must have been witnesses to talent yet to break through the mainstream.

From acts such as  Kelon G, Figo west and David King among others, they kept an audience entertained, on their feet during the regional MTN Expo.

Beenie Gunter in action

Some of these revellers had started making their way to the grounds as early as 10 am thanks to a juicy lineup that included artistes Beenie Gunter, Spice Diana and Sheebah.

Being the bigger stars, of course, they took their time to hit the stage, seeing a big number of unfamiliar names try their lack at wowing those in attendance but eventually, the real party had to start.

It all started with a brief fireworks display at 9 pm, closely followed by the Ghetto Boys that surprised with their electric dance moves.  

Spice Diana

Beenie Gunter took to the stage, taking revellers through his famous catalogue of songs like Olina Work, Sekkle Down, Tubayo to collaborations like Pon Mi and Commando among others.  

By the time Sheebah took to the stage, the excited fans could not take it anymore. They attempted to push the barricade in a bid to get close to the artiste but security intervened. Nevertheless, the fans who had filled up Boma grounds to capacity had a time of their lives.

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