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Adore evokes poetic beauty


The eighth season of Game of Thrones has been on many people’s lips lately and Adore the vocalist capitalised on that during the rebirth of the Club Evoke night at Forest Mall parking lot.
Having established himself as one of Kampala’s finest band singers after his regular appearances at Olive’s Restaurant, Brisk bar, as well as Sofar acoustic internet, shows among others, Adore’s performance last Friday was breathtaking.

His was curated with a band playing the Game of Thrones theme song in the background as models showcased different fashion outfits and Adore delivering poetry. It was beautiful!
The other highlight of the night was the dance competition between Anchers dance crew and H2C who took each other on in different dance genres, including b-boy, culture, freestyle and creative. It was H2C that won this one.

Dubbed the ‘Rebirth’, the event saw revellers get a new experience of fun and also win prizes such as woofers, caps and t-shirts while Club beer was on sale at only Shs2,000.
“Our new theme this year is centred on new beginnings, reinvention and unexplored territory,” said Evoke’s Jeremiah Ainebyona, the lead digital and communications.
The event allows the public a 40 per cent stake in deciding the final results of the monthly event that has competition in various entertainment spheres.

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