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Sibling rivalry: Chameleone, Pallaso bury hatchet to embark on new projects

Chameleone and his younger brother Pallaso

They were reported to have been on bad terms following their tour in Kigali. Well that all seems to be a thing of the past, and if these images are anything to go by, the Mayanja brothers are back to good terms and even have some fresh music to commemorate their reunion.

Sqoop has just learnt that the duo reunited to shoot the music video for the remix of Pallaso’s single, Hana that he released two months ago.

“Chameleon contacted me and said he loved the song. Considering how wide his fan base and reach is, I figured he was the best person to have on this remix. Plus this is the first project I have worked on with him in a long time. Also considering a lot of our people have passed on, we realized all we have is each other and it is only better that we work together and be there for one another,” says Pallaso.

The video was shot by Grate Makes films, and in some of the behind the scenes footage, the brothers are seen coordinated. Pallaso added that he will be at the Legend Sabasaba concert next week, with Chameleon and many other acts.

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