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‘Rich men are proud, broke men are nagging’- Cindy confused

Ever since Cindy broke up with Mario, the father of her daughter, she has not been very lucky in love. And now we know why…from the horse’s mouth of course.

The self-proclaimed King of dancehall said she has been through many relationship but has not yet found that man she can settle down with. “I have dated, cohabited, done it all but rich men are proud.

They think having money means they own your life yet on the other hand broke guys are also nagging,” she said while appearing on a local TV show.

Cindy, who hinted that she was dating, also gave shout outs to broke men who she said have a lot of love and time for their women. And with those kind words, should we assume that the main man is prolly a broke one? #JustSayin’!

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