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HASHTAGS: Mr West, Mr Fresh, by himself is so impressed

The title today is an excerpt from the song “Good Morning”, the intro song of Kanye West’s 3rd studio album “Graduation”. Of course, most of us Ugandans have no idea about some of the songs by Mr West, but all and sundry were more than excited in the past week by the news that the American rapper was in town, or more specifically, in Chobe Safari lodge.

Kanye is a superstar, a business man, a celebrity and many other things that would put someone in the spotlight (being Kim Kardashian’s husband not withstanding). It was therefore not just expected but also allowed that there would be an upheaval and such buzz by his arrival, stay and activities while here.

Apparently he came down here to record his 9th album, but that was little to do with what the twitter community cared about. We were busy snooping around for eye-catching activities, like a possible Bebe Cool/Clever J collabo. Here is the twitter side of the story of Mr West in Chobe.

First of all, someone had to announce the big arrival and what better person than one who got the chance to chill with him at the mall and also take him off for a beach day?

Someone once said that Rwanda is the district that should be sealed off to host the Kyarenga concert since Namboole wouldn’t suffice. Rwanda on the other hand was investing in Arsenal via #VisitRwanda to call the big shots home. The outcome? (Laughs in Kanye West)

Having come through and settled in at Chobe, Mrs West had an idea of how to maximise the beauty of the pearl, but some other ‘Ugandans’ had their own agenda.

Renown producer Benon Mugumya was in Chobe too. He was there as a producer but was slowly turning to a sightseer. Someone needed to remind him.

Uganda also boasts one of the world’s best cuisines. However, there is food and then there is a rolex. Mr West can testify

In his supposed interaction with the muntu wa wansi, there was something new for Kanye to learn

And then he passed as one of those few people that can come around and have the president alter his entire plan. On top of presenting an autographed pair of Yeezy’s to His Excellency, he also learned something we Ugandans have that no one else in the world has.

There has always been a rumour that many blacks in America have their roots firmly embedded down in our culture. This visit was close to confirmation of that rumour

Ofcourse, as Ugandans, Kanye West and his music career owe us so darn much

There was just one thing that almost went off script. Quickly averted but noticed nonetheless

That said and done, it was a great time feeling all the buzz Kanye West came with. We hope that album will have a 256 in it somewhere. If you need a refresher on this, check out #KanyeWestInUganda. We never run out of ideas.

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