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Shamim Byenkya ditches bikes

Anyone who knows Shamim Byenkya knows her for her love for motorbikes. Matter of fact, many people call her the biker chick. Right from the days when she shot to the limelight working for the Pearl of Africa Music Awards, Byenkya rode bikes.

So imagine our surprise when Byenkya showed off her new baby and it was not a bike, but a car. Is she done with the bike life? From what we heard, the decision came after Byenkya’s bike broke down and might never be able to get back on the road again.

Information we received is that the biker chick spent a good Shs118m on her 2018 Mahindra XUV. Where she got this kind of money is a story for another day but what we are sure of is that Shamim’s days of running from the rain and scorching sun are over!

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