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Sheilah Gashumba robbed

Sheilah Gashumba is only 22 years but this girl has the entrepreneual drive of a 30-year-old (haters, take some several seats in the corner).

After scooping herself a telecom ambassador deal and helping hook up her ‘boyfie’ Fik Fameica with an endorsement deal, the petite TV presenter scooped a deal with a taxi company but she might be second guessing the deal now after what happened to her at the weekend.

You see, in return for marketing the car services, Gashumba is entitled to free rides and after a long night out of partying this was definitely an option. When her cab picked her, she took the front co-driver seat. Sadly for her, when she got home, her iPhone X was missing.

By Now we all know that this is not your ordinary phone, so imagine the millions she has a right to mourn about. According to Gashumba, she raised a complaint with the taxi management but because she could not provide evidence that her phone was indeed stolen from the car, they could not do much.

Whether she has terminated her contract or not, at least she is lucky that she was not kidnapped.

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