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Sipapa shows Bryan White who is who

Bryan White

Sipapa (L) and Bryan White (R)

Charles Olim, a socialite known to many as Sipapa, has not been in the news for a while. Sipapa, who also doubles as an artiste manager, is back in town and of course to draw attention, he is picking on Bryan White.

While at Nabugabo Sand Beach in Masaka on Easter Monday, where Bryan White was chief guest, a convoy of Porsche cars arrived. At the time of arrival, Bryan White was on the podium, giving his speech.

Two cars made their way towards the crowd, forcing people to lose focus. Out of the car emerged Sipapa, who started splashing 50k notes to a now-distracted crowd for about 30 minutes.

Poor Bryan White on the other side was giving out t-shirts and promising youth boda bodas and lecturing them on how to get out of poverty.

He was not amused. “People of Masaka you have really disappointed me, why do you have to pay attention to someone who is just throwing money at you?” Bryan White said, adding that he was so pissed that even the things that he had carried to donate would be returned to Kampala.

When the Masaka District speaker Achiles Mawanda stepped in, he told Bryan White that all they wanted was action not promises. Eh! People ain’t loyal!

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