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Pallaso is now millionnaire



Pius Mayanja, aka Pallaso, is a few millions richer – Shs20m to be precise.

Hush hush! You cannot be caught saying this out loud because word in the corridor is that this dime ain’t legit. According to ‘haters’, Pallaso conned a local promoter only known as Viola.

Apparently the Mama singer approached Viola, who was behind the just-concluded Anthony B concert at Legends Rugby Grounds, and promised her heaven and earth if she entrusted him with the organisation of the show.

Viola, who is new in the business, did what any business person would do – take risks – and handed the Mayanja brother Shs20m. Next thing poor woman heard was that the singer had flown to Europe for a concert and has been there for more than a week now. Although we could not readily verify the claims with Pallaso, our source was part of the organising team and said Viola is waiting for Pallaso to return so they can “sort it out”.

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