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Cameras in National Theatre toilets anger revelers


Imagine you are out for a music show but need to answer nature’s call. You look for toilets, finally find them, but alas there are cameras installed in the toilets!

How do you even go about your private business with the knowledge that someone could be watching you or recording?

Well, that is what some patrons at National Theatre lately have had to deal with.

Early last week, a photo of newly-installed cameras in the Uganda National Cultural Center, commonly known as the National Theatre, hit social media. The cameras – a recent development in the theatre which has just undergone a general face lift – have been the talk of theatre patrons who feel that their privacy is being invaded.

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Charles Nsamba, a social media user posted, “I don’t think there are cameras even in the State House loos but this?

“What kind of nonsense is this that even Trump’s US can’t think of doing?” another questioned.

Others were baffled at the thought that their bathroom activities were being watched by a surveillance team somewhere. Creepy, right? They were so irked by the cameras that they demanded that they be uninstalled.

Mr Robert Musiitwa, the UNCC public relations officer has however, explained that the cameras were installed to curb the rampant vandalism and theft of washroom items that had wrecked the theatre, especially after its refurbishment.

“One of the biggest challenges we have been facing is people stealing things like taps, toilet seats and mirrors in the bathrooms so we put the security cameras there intentionally. We had just replaced mirrors last week and they were stolen,” he says.

On abuse of privacy, Musiitwa explains that the cameras were placed in such a way that they do not go beyond the doors to the toilets.

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“They are security cameras that we installed to only monitor the washroom’s walk way. People should not think that they are being watched while inside the toilets,” he notes further.

Nevertheless, people are skeptical about the cameras while some are saying good bye to the quickies they used to have in the washrooms.

“Some of you used to enjoy quickies in the toilets after jam session with liquor on your heads,” a social media user commented.

Well, Sqoop has never seen this happen but we sure do hope it was a joke. Quickies in a public toilet!! Who does that?

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