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How to be the dynamic duo Radio & Weasel

DYNAMIC DUO: We have seen music groups come and go and if you know the Goodlyfe duo, then you will be as surprised as we are that they made 10 years of doing music together. Despite the bad press and all, the boys have been one of the best duo.

Congratulations to the dynamic duo Radio and Weasel for making 10 years in the industry and putting up a solid performance at the 10 years of RAW concert. What a journey! For the last decade, they have served us with timeless hits, artiste fights, legal battles, baby mama drama and a bunch of other chaotic stuff. As in, pure katogo, no additives. Whether you love or hate them, you can at least admit that they have entertained us throughout. No days off!

Mowzey Radio remains the skinny vocal maestro that serenaded us on their monster debut hit Nakudata, although the ghosts of alcohol and drugs have flirted with his talent in recent years (God Bless Him). On the other hand, Weasel has kept the ruff-neck vocal side of Radio and Weasel going though his extra curricular activities of fertilising a third of the female population have since faded.

The hits have blown hot and cold, but that is music for you. We live in a world where we do not wanna stand each other, let alone live together. Husband lives in the boys’ quarters while wife enjoys the master bedroom. Selfish iPhones will not even share files with Samsungs and other android devices. Fakeness just! Friends are splitting over small issues such as unpaid debts, can you imagine? How petty! Couples are married at sunrise and are broken up by sun-set. Crazy just but thank God Radio and Weasel are still with us, bringing those hits. You wanna be like them, do not worry, I gotcha.

Grow A Pair…
It is the least you can do when people are constantly heckling you and plotting your downfall. The Radio and Weasel duo have physically battled just about everyone and constantly re-invented themselves to stay alive in the industry. The music industry is no seminary where morals are upheld all the time. You either eat or be eaten, your choice. Who remembers their squabbles with Bebe Cool? Those were cute! They simply wanted the piece of the cake to stay relevant, that is all. Not even the hits were enough. It is never enough.

A clean-cut image will not cut it in your homes, at work or in your relationships. It will probably work in your neighbourhood church cell. You need to walk with a pair of steel ‘nanis’ between your legs to thwart any ka newbie eyeing your job, zibs mounting you in your family.
You cannot be weak. Show weakness and thugs will take over your workplace, your home, your wife and children. Stay woke peeps!

Constant Hits
Abusive men, this is not about you. If you are constantly hitting your woman, you are a disgrace to humanity. The Radio and Weasel duo have kept the hits on the dancefloor and on our radios over the years. Even at their recent show, they could not exhaust all of them. From Nakudata, Nyumbani, Bread and Butter, straight to Juicy Juicy, Ntunga and many others. The music has kept coming. As haters soiled their knees in prayer to have them break up and stop dropping hits, they kept delivering. Consistency is key. Embarass everyone with consistency but do not embarrass yourself consistently.

Some of you are in the business of consistently living average, that you start to embody mediocrity, wearing it on your collars and sleeves effortlessly. Ever seen someone looking like a 50 per cent marked exam answer sheet? Very unattractive! They have “no work” (read tebayina work).
To be like Radio and Weasel, deliver on consistency and this excludes regularly leaving bars in the wee hours of the night as if you are the bar bouncer. Put in time and then the work will speak for itself. Be romantic constantly and you will not worry about Kikomeko sniffing your territory. Come through for your friends and you will not worry about battling through your wedding budget solo. That is one war you will not win.

Problem Children
At the recent “SAVE UG Music” meeting, Mowzey Radio made a nuisance of himself after grabbing the microphone from the MC to vent his anger. The other time he allegedly threw a DJ’s laptop in a swimming pool after he refused to play their music. A stinking attitude makes for stinking behaviour. Take away their talent and you have ill-mannered brats with no control.

To be fair to them, the erratic duo has slowly made steps to come out of puberty after being stuck there for years. Their antics would leave kindergarten children to shame. Life has schooled them nevertheless. If you want to be like Radio and Weasel, be the biggest man-babies you can possibly be. Be irresponsible, provoke others and swim in pools of alcohol. It will feel like high school again until you realise you have to be an adult again, stuck with bills and more bills to pay.
Well what are you waiting for? Go be like the Goodlyfe boys.

Twitter: @InK_era35

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