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Four One One

How to be Mama Fina, the go-getter

NO WASTING TIME: She has been married thrice now, the third time being last week, barely a year since her husband was gunned down. Mama Fina is the true definition of living life in happiness rather than drowning in sorrow. She probably has #YOLO tattooed somewhere on her body.

While socialite Zari might be cursing all men right now after Diamond Platnumz’ cheating ways, Mama Fina married another one, yet again. Mama Fina recently got married to a one Ismail Ssegujja, a couple of months after her previous husband Brig Muhammad Kiggundu was brutally gunned down by unknown assailants. A little too fast you might think, but rather than spending her nights sobbing and chatting up her ancestral spirits, she sought love and found it. She believes in love and at her wedding, she promised to love her man with everything she has got. A huge lesson to many slay queens whose love is measured in MBs and Instagram likes.
It is amazing how she always has a back-up plan for love. Just like there is Martial ready to come on for a tired Rashford, Mama Fina always has some super subs huffing on the bench. When one is out, there is another in. Not time to waste. Life has to go on and Mama Fina simply wants to enjoy her life. Anyway Who would blame her? Elsewhere, Mama Fina is known for being a traditional healer, businesswoman and philanthropist who has always come in handy to help the poor and the sick at very desperate times. To think that she was orphaned at an early age makes you wonder what she must have gone through. To be like Sylvia Sophia Namuteebi, aka, Mama Fina, copy my notes.

Be generous
Tell some women to spend their money these days and watch their faces turn red (whatever the UG complexion is). Ask her how she uses her dime and she will stop at nothing to remind you to mind your business. Dare ask her to pick the bill on a date and be sure that she will shame you before her friends. A woman’s money is hers alone, well from what I have seen. How many monthly weaves are you willing to spare to rescue some friend?
To be like Mama Fina, there are no limits. You will have to empty all those hidden drawers in your house and give every last of what you have. And not giving to Sophie who needs a loan to have her nails done, give to that ka dirty street child you do not like for always touching your car with dirty hands or someone who could not meet their medical bills. Are you willing to do this? Do not just enjoy watching zeros increase on your bank account. It is not a TV show, snap out of it.
Ooh Mama Fina loves spending big on her men too so when did you last buy your boyfriend something to show your love? Girls these days show their love through heart emojis on WhatsApp, that is all. How embarrassing!

Try love again and again
Just when you think you have seen the last of Mama Fina in Season 1, she comes back reloaded in the following season. Her love life, in particular, has been nothing short of entertaining. It is like a soap opera. Breaking her heart is wastage of time. She will instruct a dangerous sub to take his bib off and warm up. No stress whatsoever. She is willing to try love again till she gets it right. A woman needs love at the end of the day and Mama Fina is no different. If the feeling of love is like music to the ears, give it a remix. Even bad songs get remixes. If misfortune has brought you Mike with smelly breath or Chris who just won’t zip his pants, do not stop trying. There might be a good guy for you. So you women waving, “All men are trash” placards, you should watch out.

Enterprising businesswoman
Mama Fina has done it all from selling buveera, charcoal, to traditional spiritual healing for a dime. A tough background made hustling at a young age and today she is one of Uganda’s top wealthy women. If you want to be like Mama Fina, do everything other than traditional healing to earn a living. Yes, I said it. Be ready to ruin your new expensively-done nails by doing a “dirty job” such as farming. Be as creative as you are in finding suitable photo filters in your daily life. Seek good business opportunities and pounce. Slay with a smiling bank account not borrowed clothes in your overrated photoshopped pictures.
So whachu waiting for? Go be like Mama Fina.

Twitter: @InK_era35

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