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Danz Kumapeesa deserves better

Producer Danz Kumapeesa is fighting for his life but it saddens me how his situation is being handled. First of all, this is life and not showbiz. You wonder why these irritating bloggers cannot stop trying to sensationalise everything to earn something as petty as Facebook likes and follows. The guy is at his lowest but all sorts of skewed stories are being written about him for attention. Honestly, why? These idle chaps who claim to be ‘bloggers’ need a reality check. For those who are probably clueless of what has been going on, Producer Danz Kumapeesa behind Winnie Nwagi’s hit Musawo and Bebe Cool’s Mbozi Za Malwa was beaten up terribly by thugs and now finds himself hanging onto every bit of hope to see the light of day. Since then, there have been calls to fundraise money for his treatment and lots of other stuff has been said.
There has been talk about how “the music industry” has abandoned him at a tough time. Apparently, musicians have not done enough to offer him financial support and they could be right. Maybe they can do much better. My question is, why do fans expect every act of charity to be photographed? Maybe some people do not find it noble to publicise such things. And this so called “ music industry” includes the fans, the same ones that dance to his songs after downloading them illegally from some shady websites. To be honest, the whole divisive attitude does not help anyone. If Danz’ condition hurts you, feel free to send him something. It is not a showbiz stunt, this is someone’s life. No one should point games. Mind you, these so called superstar musicians that you adore are not as filthy rich as people imagine. They are humans and face the same struggles we all do. If they are accused of failing to pull their weight, maybe it is the plain truth. Let whoever helps if they can and do it from the heart, not because they have to be seen or its some kind of “ Danz Kumapeesa challenge” to help. Most importantly, everyone who loves Ugandan music can be more united for a good cause, which is getting the guy back on his feet.
Just the other day Bebe Cool put up a post on his Facebook wall reaching out to create awareness about the current situation and called upon everyone who could to help the talented young man. He offered Shs5m to his treatment and was slaughtered by people for “showing off”. Really? Who thinks of showing off at such a time? Guys let’s be reasonable. Danz surely deserves better.
Contributions are being sent to his mother called Jennifer Kisakye on 0779 103031. So let’s help if we can.


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