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The acute angle: Of people who rant about MTN

MTN subscribers whine a lot cheesos!!!!! They are everywhere; in your face, your social media feed, literally everywhere. There will always be someone ranting about MTN’s network, its expensive Internet bundles and its crocs (gonya). Thanks to MTN, they have created an army of minions creeping up Facebook walls in numbers but toothless in attack. I have owned an MTN Sim card for the last 13 years and I complain just about every day. They have tested my patience and each time, I vow to cut ties and jump on the next train. I have rinsed my mouth with enough “mscheeeewwwws” but I still have a sour taste in my mouth. It is as if MBs fear my phone. One moment, you have loaded all these bundles ready to stun Kampala’s honies with crisp game only to be awakened with a “Your Internet bundle has been exhausted” shortly after. Like really? How did that happen? Sometimes MTN makes you have trust issues with everyone, including yourself. You are in constant denial as you try to remember if you actually used up the data pack.

We complain day and night but are still stuck there. It is like MTN has our nudes and they will be exposed if we jump to another network. Maybe we are adamant to try something new because we know that all the other networks are all the same. Maybe MTN has been giving us some bomb packages but being the negative people that we are, we choose to focus on their negatives. True, the negative backlash MTN is currently getting from the public might get MTN to style up but what happens if they continue with their questionable services? It is not the first time MTN has been under attack. Shall we leave? Nope. We shall load more bundles, using the same MTN that we abuse to start Facebook wars. Why prolong the pain if we can try something else? Let’s break the ‘curse’, if that is what some of you feel subjected to. Other telecom companies are inviting us with open arms.

For many of the people complaining, it is just another week to jump on the next trending topic. Their girlfriends are not replying their WhatsApp messages so what is the next best alternative hobby for Internet use? Attack MTN. MTN has some really dope services but I think many of us are too blinded to see this. Well if you are blinded, jump ship. Let’s stop being cry babies.

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