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The acute angle: Eh! Economy bes tight!

Alaaaaa!!!!! No where to run or hide. Ba guys how far dem ends? Six months into 2017 and things are still looking myeh. My wallet has never felt lighter. How is yours? Can anyone adopt a grown man with a fairly large appetite? Please take me in. Problem is who will take me in? Literally everyone I turn to is complaining about how this economy has jam. Businesses are tight, companies are downsizing their staff, some are even closing shop. Dimes are on a proper vacay out of UG. Who will come to the rescue honestly? Gavo? Bobi Wine? That one is proper looking for survival like a true ghetto dweller that he is, nothing else.
Getting someone to pay you back a loan these days is close to impossible. Just recently someone lent me money and I almost had to swear an oath that I would pay him back. Obviously you know this cannot stop guys from pulling a dirty one on you. If you have noticed, there is a salty attitude about everyone. No one wants to stop for a second for small chit-chat. My peeps do not reply my texts anymore. They are all complaining about busy work schedules but let’s be honest, dime shortage is making guys crawl into kamooli for weeks.
It is obvious economy is looking grim at the moment but there are chaps still living it up. Mid year is when most weddings are going down and nothing has changed. Lavish weddings are being thrown every weekend left right and centre, and I must say, couples are looking extra happy. It is refreshing to know people can afford to even smile. Kindly, tell us where we are going wrong. Some of you couples are even lucky to make it to the altar. People are giving up the fight. They are auctioning everything. WhatsApp groups are awash with people dealing all sorts of things from chairs to utensils. Are you genuine business persons or you are just among the unfortunate many being clobbered by the economy?
There are a bunch of people who have no respect for the economy, changing cars fwaaa. What is your trick or what are you trying to prove? This economy affects us all. Kindly advise us on how we can negotiate our way out of this situation. Prosperous people, enlighten us.

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