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Exodus could scoop best choreography in CMVAs

According to the dictionary, Choreography is the technique of representing the various movements in dancing by a system of notation. In the Club Music Video Awards, the nominees in this category include: Magic by Winnie Nwagi, Njogereza by Navio, Nyinimu by Exodus and previously Kabulengane by Bebe Cool before he opted out.
We believe Bebe Cool would have taken this category, basing on the fact that he has a huge number of voters compared to other contenders in this category but since he is out, Exodus’ Nyinimu might take this one, because Shilo Films alongside Exodus did some awesome work with the dancers. The somersaults, the different dance moves by both the ladies and the men as well as the imitation of the dance moves in Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time brought magic to the video.
The madmax video setting was shot at Entebbe Express highway which has become a video location of some sorts, but unlike others who misuse that location, Exodus took advantage of it and was also on point when it came to the attire of the dancers.
Winnie Nwagi’s Magic is a good one also and it could give Nyinimu a run for its money due to the fact that it has an old setting of sorts, the attires were also on point but the dance moves were not as creative as those in Exodus’ track yet the category calls for that.
Navio’s Njogereza is the other video in this category but it comes short because the choreography in it wasn’t that much.
But who knows? We could get surprised since after all we do not have the final say.

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