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Levixone pays price for not going to school

It is common for most people to forget their roots when they ‘see the light’, but gospel singer Levixone, who has been doing music for the last six years or so has been loyal to Kosovo. This is a place he considers home because he was born there, grew up there and even rents there.
At the weekend, Levixone decided to show his philanthropic heart again by buying hundreds of dozens of scholastic materials for almost every child in that area through his ’92’ foundation. Among the things he bought were books, pens, sets, pencils and it is estimated that he spent more than Shs5m.
“My education wasn’t that good when I was growing up and I hate for other children to go through the same situation. It is for this reason that I have decided to at least offer a helping hand where possible,” he said.
The Ani artiste also promised to keep doing this every term so that a good percentage of children in Kosovo get a good education.

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