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But these people who carry their bad moods to the job!

Of people who come to work and download all their fury on everyone present, especially their customers. Eh!
The other day I happened to walk into one of the shoe shops along Kampala Road.
The sombre mood was unmissable. This was accompanied by sharp piercing eyes that would make one flee for dear life instantly. I tried to brave it all until I heard a loud shout from the lady who was supposed to attend to me, commanding her colleague to do the needful. The commanding was accompanied by insults.
Within no time both women were yelling at each other and accusing one another of so many things, including “sleeping on duty”. I had no choice but to walk out before my ears blocked, all thanks to these two crazy beings.
Now I thought everyone wakes up to go hassle hard for a better living. But it seems these two women just showed me the opposite by scaring a potential customer off. The same case goes for waitresses, receptionists, bank tellers name it who wear the wrong attitude when approached as if the client is to blame for their bad mood swings.
I mean, let’s get this straight. We do not always wake up on the right side of the bed as and when we all might want to.
However, if one has a job to do, then they owe it to their customers to do a well deserving job and make them feel at home as and when the need arises.
In the end when one loses out on a customer, they suffer the loss and not the other way round. Always remember that.

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