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My dating mares: Yes, women are dumb



To date I still wonder what is that which keeps his heartbroken exes chasing him. I always believed life was unfair to women until I realised how naïve and foolish we can be.

Like any woman Serah may be naïve too but I still thought she deserved better. Raymond does not pass up a chance to flirt with anything skirt-ish that crosses his path. Imagine being in a world where his best interest is a sexy babe. Would you still blame the oldest woman in your village for that which you think is the strongest witchcraft that keeps you from moving on?

I am supposed to be empathetic towards her, but no, why on earth would someone who treated you as trash be given that golden opportunity to redeem his habit? Serah is as faithful as a dog and Raymond is not. He has a way of doing his things, at his favourite hangout. He will showcase his new catch and his squad will instantly know she is going to be laid and dumped. Serah knows this too.

One Sunday night she had a hunch Ray was doing something fishy, as he wasn’t picking her calls. She stormed his house at the devil’s hour and there he lay, naked, with his neighbour who at every chance went to his house to watch her favourite soap.

As usual, Ray always had explanations to make her understand that nothing was going on between him and any other girl. This is the kind of foolishness that we were not taught in school.

A zillion times she has been fooled and a zillion times she has forgiven and stuck with him. Is there any magnetic force that draws people close, even when they are not meant to be? And it is not only Serah.

Doreen caught her boyfriend seventy seven times cheating on her and the two made up, made up and made up again. The most unfortunate bit is the girls were all her friends and in her closest circle. The only thing admirable about it all was the fact that he still loved and adored her.

I have come to realise that women are as impatient as the boda boda cyclists. Even before they get over something and heal a bit, they are in a hurry to grab it back. Melisa could just get herself signed in the Guinness Book of records as the woman who has quit her home the highest number of times, in the world. On several occasions, from the slightest to the biggest fights, she has packed her belongings and left her husband’s house. But before the man can get her off his mind or even give her a call, she is already back, this time unpacking her belongings in bits.

I think women are quick to quit and quick to bounce back, and that’s suicidal. Did I say “they”? I meant “we”. I too just had a fling with one playboy a few years back and even when I knew who he was, I chose to ignore the facts and play along. I have also sworn over and over never to return to someone who cheats not only once or twice but thrice. But, I end up returning, somersaulting back. How then do I explain the gullibility and dumbness that surrounds my being and that of all women?

Yes, we women can be dumb and seemingly proud of it.

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