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Sheeba Karungi finally ready for concert


It has been the norm now that musicians will hold a concert the moment they hear their songs on local radio. We can name hundreds of them, but that is a topic for another day. Today, we shall talk about Sheebah Kalungi; her of the Kisasi Kimu fame.
See, for the past two years, Sheeba has been recording hit song after hit song. All this time, the closest she has gotten to a concert was video premieres.
The self-proclaimed Swag-mama is now ready to hold her own, announcing recently that she has set aside December 2 as her Nkwatako concert date. She is yet to confirm the venue.
For starters, Sheeba started her music career at 18 as a dancer with Obsessions. She has since outed songs such as Ice Cream, Twesana, Love Hater, Nipe Yote among others. She has also won different awards in the category of Best Female Artiste and most of all; she was nominated as the Best Female Act- Non Nigerian in this year’s Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

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