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Aganaga gets rid of all his friends


After registering one of the worst-ever attended concerts in Uganda’s entertainment industry at Theatre Labonita recently, singer Khalifa Aganaga has decided to go back to the drawing board concerning his music career. The artiste has gotten rid of all the people he has been moving around with, saying they are tarnishing his name and are unserious.

“I have decided to let go of all the people I have been moving with. They have been doing nothing other than spoiling my name. My fans always claim that they steal their items every time we go for performances or an event,” Aganaga said.

He also said he had opened a salon for them as his childhood friends, but they just used to ‘eat’ all the profits and in the process, the business collapsed.
Emma Carlos, who happens to be Aganaga’s manager confirmed this information, saying everyone the artiste will be moving with will have a specific duty. He now has a general manager, driver, DJ and someone in charge of his social media accounts.

If you happen to see Aganaga in the company of two people, don’t be surprised because desperate times call for desperate measures.

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