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Stop the social media love and call your parent!



A message to a loved one is always a sweet gesture. But we all know that, don’t we? However, if it does not serve the purpose, then it comes off as wasted effort! Imagine someone writing a beautiful message on, say Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and the parents are not on any social media platform.

Imagine another wishing an unborn baby a beautiful five-month anniversary before they face the world! Smh. These kind of people normally back the message with the ultra sound sonogram to prove a point. Hmmm!
Now this is what one calls being ridiculous. I mean, we all know that the core purpose of a message is to reach its audience and have the necessary impact it is intended for. So what is the point of drafting one but have it sent to the irrelevant people?

What has happened to us? It is as though life lost meaning ages ago and people do things for the sake of it. They want to go with the flow.
And this is one thing that we all might never understand. How a mother benefits from a message sent to her on social media when the child is never there or has not laboured to be there on that particular day. How an unborn baby gets thrilled by a message written to her before it makes its first cry. How a two-year-old makes sense of all the sweet wishes made to her by family when she cannot even comprehend what it is in the first place. It all is weird if you think about it.

So aren’t there any other better ways for people to express themselves that they have to just “copy and paste”? What happened to sticking to the simple things in life? Like paying visits, making phone calls and everything in that line?

I can guess the answer before you say it; Life got too fast for the world to remember the things that matter, right? The funny reasons we all have banaye!


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