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Connie Tiffs

Something needs to be done about these thugs


She screamed so loud. Her eyes looked to the sky with rage as she begged God to bring the culprits to book.

“Oh God, please punish those thieves for what they have done to me,” she said as she wiped blood from her cheeks.
Salome, my immediate neighbour, had just been robbed of all her money and property at the gate of her own residence. Apparently, the robbers who were riding on boda bodas followed her and attacked her as she waited at the gate. They smashed her windows, pulled her out of the car and took all that they could before speeding off.
Salome’s case is one of the many that I have heard of, being conducted in the same manner. From the look of things, these thieves keep inventing new tactics.

Just when you thought having a car is safe, turns out not everyone is safe anymore. Who comes up with such ideas and where do such people hide? Where are the responsible authorities to curb such vices?

The rate at which these boda bodas are becoming facilitators to all sorts of crime is worrying. We have previously had murder cases being conducted by boda boda guys. Now we have theft cases on the rise. So one wonders, for how long are we going to succumb to such insecurity?
All authorities in charge of law and order should work at getting rid of these people. Some of our neighboring countries such as Rwanda have employed a system where every boda boda has a registered number.
Perhaps this is an example we can emulate just to limit the rampant cases of theft and murder. It is also obvious that this measure might not wipe out the entire problem but at least it is a start to dealing with it.
Boda bodas in Kampala are all over the place like grasshoppers in November. They come off as a convenient means of travel to many but again a pain to the rest. They are hard to track, which makes it easy for criminals to roll and execute anything they want. Something has to be done but I guess that is something I will leave to the authorities in charge. The communities need to rise up against such cases and put an end to it all. Enough said!

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