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Curious case of Sheebah Karungi

I am a huge fan of Ugandan music. Those who know me will tell you that Ugandan music gets me charged. I bump to it anywhere, anytime. Call me ‘local’ if you want, I will take it. It’s not even about the music, I am just a firm believer in local content. I get amazed at how so many young talented Ugandans are doing incredible things. I have seen talent blossom and I have seen it get frustrated in its infancy. Talent cannot survive on its own and that is why talented people have to want to succeed. They have to work their socks off to get to the top. There are no two ways about it.

As an ardent Ugandan music fan, I have seen it all. I have seen incredibly talented artistes who have gone ahead to curve out successful music careers. I have seen the ones not anywhere close to talented but still somehow making something of a decent career. I have also seen those who promised so much yet delivered little (RIP Rabadaba’s career). We have some few real musicians who record music, perform on stage and can play some music instruments. These ones don’t get a lot of acclaim. What we have are entertainers who survive on stunts, scandal and lean talent to push their careers. Somehow anyone these days can access a studio, sound like a pigeon on a mic and make music. You will realise that a lot of this music is received warmly and you just wonder why. That is the industry yo!

Have you listened to Sheebah lately? Mehn, the chick is on fire. She has been prolific, releasing hit after hit. That Nkwatako jam has been on mad replay. I struggle to place Sheebah. I am not too sure if she is talented or simply an industry-smart one. When you begin to question her vocal ability, she will release something that will make you fly off your seat. The more I think of writing her off, the more she keeps them hits coming. I can name many artistes who are seamlessly more talented than her but whose hits arsenal is dry. Even now, I am not too sure if Sheebah is a pop, dancehall artiste or a cut between. She has a smart manager though, that Jeff Kiwa chap. He knows how the industry works and has played a big role in Sheebah’s rise to the top. Maybe this is why she has usurped almost everyone as the leading female artiste in the country. We can only assume though. Others will argue that she is a very talented and dynamic artiste. It shows you the kavuyo that is our music industry. No formula whatsoever, you just need to know how it works. Sheebah has been stubborn enough to claim her share. I know her to be one of the hardest working artistes.

A lot of things happen like this in our city. There is nothing like a certain area being for a chosen few. It is only crowded at the top. Anyone can be among the chosen few. You just have to want to be there and be stubborn enough to get what you want. I have seen it happen. For now, I will just be bumping to Nkwatako.

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