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Connie Tiffs

Tabloids need to cut Juliana some slack

For a couple of weeks now, I have read from tabloids (online mainly) insinuating things about singer Juliana Kanyomozi. Most of it has been coiled around pregnancy rumours blah blah blah.

The first time I read such a story, I let it pass. This time though I just wondered. Why is it so hard for some people to move on? Why do they have to get insensitive in the name of making news? Have such tabloids for once thought about the pain they inflict on people when they have to remind them about the loved ones they lost?
So what if she is actually pregnant? Whose business is it in any way? Does she owe an explanation to the public? Did she ever tell anyone that she is interested in having another child to replace her sad loss? I doubt she has done that. So why then should some members of the public act like she made them a promise to get pregnant hence the need to keep insinuating this and that?
I think it is totally unfair. For starters, we need to exercise a certain level of sensitivity even when in dire need of making a dime. I doubt a rumour about a looming pregnancy is the only news there is to the name Juliana Kanyomozi. So such tabloids should move on and stop poking another person where it hurts them most.
I mean, many times in different situations the rumour mill makes it hard for the bereaved families to move on after tragedies, especially if they concern a celebrity.
Like the English adage goes; do unto others what you would want to be done unto you. Let’s try that for once!
In Juliana’s case for example, it is sad that she lost her only son. It is only fair that everyone accords her the chance to live and deal with it as deemed necessary. This business of poking noses, insinuating this and that just to drive irrelevant points home is so not worth it. Move on and accord others the chance to move on. Afford to be a little human for once!

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