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Acute Angle

I will marry only when I want

Have you ever wanted to climb up to the roof of your house and let out those five magic words to the whole world? No? Lemme guess; Your house is probably premised somewhere in the heart of Kasokoso and any attempt to go dramatic by doing things you see in the movies is just recipe for disaster. Roofs there are simply not too firm to support a man or woman whose entire being has been exhausted with questions like, “Gundi owasa di? (When are you getting married?) l still insist. Do it. Get up that shack, balance off the grace of the Lord and shout to the heavens. It doesn’t matter if you breathe in the soot and filth that engulfs the atmosphere. Let it out one more time with a bang and scream, “I will marry when I want”. Maybe, everyone needs to know.

Frighten the rats in your house with your stance.
There is this friend of mine who has had it with people constantly meddling in her life about what they call her ‘failure’ to get married. It’s not just a problem but a crisis. She simply can’t take it anymore. Her sengas keep snooping into her life to find out if she has found a man. In their eyes, their daughter needs to grow up and take the next logical step. The whole eagle-eye inspection is wearing her out. She wants to live and not have to worry about a bunch of old timers demanding sons-in-laws and the like. She believes in marriage though, not the staged one of course. The one where a bunch of two strangers interest themselves with the idea of each other.

Steadily and surely without deadlines ringing in their ears. She believes in God’s timing and that is when she is basically living her life stress-free as she goes over her dreams one by one until a potential fit walks into her life. When it feels right and when she wants to do it is when she will do it. No gaddam pressure. That’s what she wants everyone to know. Is it too much to ask?

And then there comes Quentin. He is seemingly of age and a senior ‘life eater’. While he enjoys the pleasures this world has to offer, his mum keeps demanding for a daughter-in-law. He does not want to walk down that path, at least not now. Everyone hounds him over fearing commitment. Nope. He is scared of handing it to the wrong person. He respects marriage enough not to want to rush it. He would rather sip his beer on a dull Monday evening at his local bar than entertain the whims of the worst mistake he made at the altar. He chooses to take his time until everything feels right. If that day never comes, so be it. Don’t feel pressured, marry when you want to.


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