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Light-skinned girls are not all that…

Before Bad Black, there were actually genuine light-skinned girls. They did not die if you are wondering. We live with them and see them practically everywhere. There is a light-skinned chick at your office, your school, that restaurant you frequent and even at your bus stop. Also, the chick you are texting off the hook without a reply is probably light-skinned.Some of these light-skinned chicks will be the death of us.

I know some chaps who have almost lost their property in a bid to impress some of these fair-skinned ladies and you just wonder. Is light skin an obvious confirmation of beauty? Well, not to me. To the many young girls around, it is certainly a huge benchmark in being seen as a stunning beauty. They believe that a glowing Fabiola-like skin saves you the gruesome work that goes into editing a picture or could get you all the attention you crave. That’s their logic and it is pitiful!
Businessmen have fed into the desperation of young girls and flooded the market with anything that can make their skin lighter. They are budging and rushing for anything that can give their skin that enviable shade of colour. They want their boyfriends to accept them or are simply seeking more likes on social media. They want everyone to gasp for breath when they enter a room. Honey, you can do this without looking like some plastic doll. You are beautiful no matter the colour of your skin.
Honestly speaking, there are as many light-skinned beauties as the dark-skinned ones. I honestly don’t understand the hype around some of these chicks, I tell you. Personally, they are stress. I am sure many guys will agree with me. You send texts and she replies you hours later with something as useless as ‘k’ or even never replies your texts. Some of them want to be begged to do virtually everything. They want to give excuses for not doing things. They want to make you believe they are invincible and every guy is chasing after them. Chick will make you beg for her number and if you are lucky to get it, she will start dodging your calls.
You find a guy plunging his entire salary at Mythos Restaurant in an attempt to land this hot light-skinned kyana. They pretend to be high maintenance and take you around in circles. Maybe this is the sort of invincibility chicks want. Ladies, take it from me that treating guys like this is savagely and nonsensical. Don’t go the extra-mile to bleach yourslef just so you can to treat guys like this.
Wama, where are my dark-skinned girls at?


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