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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : If it is a children’s party, don’t steal their moment


Over the weekend I had the opportunity of attending a sweet six-year-old’s birthday party. The venue was decorated in a six-year-old’s style, if you get what I mean. Her friends were all present and from the look of things they were having a blast.
All the day’s activities were designed to suit the children, complete with a clown to keep them entertained and giggling endlessly. The same went for the menu. In a nutshell, this was a typical children’s affair.
I was impressed by this arrangement given that the children clearly had a fun filled day.
In my view this is how a children’s birthday party should be organised. Seeing this made me more furious with some people who organise a children’s birthday party but choose everything else to suit the adults. From the venue, decor, menu, guests, activities to the entertainment.
I mean, you see a group of adults blasting away on booze, nyama choma while the children sit at the side looking bored and only come to life when it is time to cut the cake. Then they all walk away after, claiming that they had celebrated the child’s party when it clearly was just an excuse to bond, drink and call it a day at the toddler’s expense!
I think it is ridiculous. We ought to know when to separate events, when to get selfless and how to ensure that we meet each cause in its rightful capacity.
If it is a children’s activity, why should the adults take center stage and leave out who matters? In the same breath, if it is an adult’s activity, why should the adult drag the children along and try so hard to have them fit in?
Last weekend’s activity made me realise that we should all learn to let things be. In this case, let the children enjoy their days when they happen as was the case in the situation above as opposed to having a mish mash of activities in the name of squeezing in all worlds at a toddler’s birthday party .

– Connie Nankya

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