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Connie’s tiffs :Better to rock a bald head than wear a fake wig


Women and hair! Everyday brings in a new hairstyle, weaving style, wig, hair extensions, and many other such things. From multi-coloured trashy ones to neat ones that can pass as real hair (I think they call them Brazilian). We have seen it all.
But even with such variety, it beats my understanding that one can afford to go through a moment of embarrassment in broad daylight.
I mean, just the other day while attending a friend’s wedding, one woman’s wig fell off before everyone as she attempted to join the newly-wed couple on the dance floor.
Of course, this was shocking to many, but looks like madam could not take in the embarrassment, seeing that she fled the scene and never returned.
Now why would someone dare to wear an ill-fitting wig and even attempt to “shake it” on the dance floor like they do not know the repercussions at hand?
In this era where every hairstyle seems to be the in-thing, one would think that rather than exposing yourself to risk, oba someone should just go bald or wrap a stylish scarf on the head. Anything that is not an ill-fitting wig!
Sometimes it saves you a lot to be confident in your own skin than fake it, you know?
So not worth it ladies!

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