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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs : Of chicks who go on dates and don’t touch their food

I always thought that the era of chicks wasting money on dates died with the trend of girls going on dates with a flock of their girlfriends. I noticed the former resurface on more than three occasions.
It first came as a shock when while dining at a popular restaurant in Kampala, I watched this lady peruse her menu, place an order with her date staring on gleefully, only for her to leave all the food untouched. The painful look on the guy’s face as he paid the bill was hard to miss.
The other incident was at a known cafè. This lady ordered for ice cream, only for it to melt as she made endless giggles mbu indulging in small talk, while eating like she did not want it. In several other incidents, chicks will fail to eat and opt for the meal to be packed as takeaway. Oba that is how?
So one wonders why a chick would agree to a date if they are sure they will not enjoy it. I mean, it is hard to convince someone that you enjoyed your date yet you were too uncomfortable to eat. But then again, if they knew they were uncomfortable, why order for the meal in the first place? Why not just opt for a walk, or ride, or chat by the roadside instead of wasting time, money and ending up looking like a misplaced person?
I thought this was the era of confidence, the era where you say what you want to say, behave in a way that not only makes you happy but also favours those around you, an era where agreeing to a date and meeting the said suitor is done with comfort.
Clearly I was wrong. For the record, some things say a lot about one’s character. So instead of looking like a villager, it is safer avoiding such situations by opting for what is comfortable. I mean, why choose an activity that will not blend well with your personality? Why show up for a date if it is only going to embarrass you? Why place an order that you won’t touch when there is the option of taking water? Be free!
Anyway, some people looked at these incidents differently, but oba we should not carry such behaviour with us in 2016? And since we still have the January window period, it is not too late to revise things, right?


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