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The acute angle :The thing about Blankets and Wine


The excitement that Blankets and Wine brings among Kampala’s socialites is something you would not expect. For some reason, everyone feels like they have to be there PHOTO BY Eddie Chicco

It is like everyone is seeking some kind of validation at this event. The amounts of low self esteem masked in makeup and fancy clothing will scare you.

I think this event brings together all sorts of people who need some kind of social approval. It is more of “I need to be seen at Blankets and Wine” than a day to just chill. Kudos to the organisers for making this event one of the most anticipated on the entertainment calendar.

The crème de la crème of Kampala’s social class are expected on this day. Their presence at the event is almost assured and expected. The event needs their presence more than the other way round. It is their presence that has raised the appeal that comes with Blankets and Wine.

The excitement that Blankets and Wine brings among Kampala’s socialites is something you would not expect. For some reason, everyone feels like they have to be there.

While that would not be a bad thing necessarily, it is people’s reasons for being there; Mbu to take the best pics for Instagram. As in, this is a pointless audition for a spot on people’s “I don’t care” list.
You will notice that a day after Blankets and Wine, people will rush to their newsfeeds to update the world about how the whole thing went. The pics will spew over and you will notice that just about anyone you know was in attendance.

A clear indication that it is the hottest event out there but also highlights a desperate group of Ugandans dying to belong. They sometimes look like a shade of makeup misplaced, or their outfits will come out outrageous.

You look at a babe and clearly she is a friend of a friend of a friend. The Fomo (fear of missing out) effect has taken over this event. People will do anything to be seen.
Now there is this chick I know who lost her boyfriend to some chick at Blankets and Wine. To be honest, I do not blame the guys who follow their heart at this event. The ‘meals’ on display can be quite tempting.

Well, the chick did not take the break up lightly and has used this event to try and win the guy back. Of course, the guy will always be there to land a new catch. Her dresses have gotten shorter, face lighter and you can just see a very bad example of low self esteem. Well, she is almost like a stale good on a stall.

Knowing some useless Ugandan chaps, she will be off the shelf soon. But all in all, do not try too hard. It is never that serious people.
Happy holidays!

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