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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs :That guy who proposed at the marathon…


The way this generation has commercialised formerly simple functions such as introduction and wedding ceremonies, bridal and baby showers, and birthday parties, is no secret. We have seen everything from insane budgets to crazy details, all in the name of standing out.
Does anyone remember the saying, Desperate times call for desperate measures? This dude must have thought of the best way to stand out while proposing to his lady on a budget, and all plans pointed at the Kampala MTN Marathon.
Bambi, before the sweating crowd and sweaty girlfriend, he knelt down and did the unexpected – proposed to his girl.
Eh! I have hahad some chaps by the way. This lad must have thought proposing at a marathon with crowds would be the perfect fairy tale engagement gift to his fiancé. Oba how did the idea even cross his mind? One cannot help but paint the whole picture amid laughter. But again, like I said, a dude has to get creative to make ends meet.
He could not have a writing in the sky, fireworks in the air to draw attention as he screamed the sentence; “Will you marry me?” But he had the sweaty crowds, his dream lady walking, running (whatever) next to him, simply clad in yellow ensemble, nothing fancy, nothing exaggerated, and he exploited the opportunity that would have many taking.
I must admit though that it takes a certain class of people to do this. I hope you catch my drift because some things are just not that easy to fathom. The sort that can be naive about certain things but choose to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. The kind that look at every situation as an opportunity. It does not matter whether they look “local”, comical, or misplaced, they will rise to the occasion.
In this case, that big “yes” from the lady was the icing on the cake. And as many laughed out loud, the couple in the picture is probably still locked up in bliss, thanks to the dude’s creative, albeit cheap, public proposal.
Now, more than ever I believe that wonders shall never end!


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