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Connie’s Tiffs : When the bridal limo runs out of fuel



Last week I followed a story about a car (a limousine) that ran out of fuel on some Ugandan couple’s wedding day.

Okay, now this was a first for me. I know some Ugandans can be really unserious but not to this level.
I mean, one might possibly be less interested in what could have happened. The fact that this is a car breaking down on a wedding day shows a lot of laxity. Or could it be that the “living beyond your means bug” bit the couple that they had to pay the consequences? You know some people can wish for heaven on earth when they cannot afford it. Others can be so disorganised that they forget about what matters. A good number though may rely on the service providers only to be disappointed in the end.
Whatever the case, the fact that we might never know what happened, the mere thought of one having their bridal cars being pushed on the streets of Kampala for God knows what reasons is just weird.
So what did this couple discuss at those monotonous wedding meetings?
Banaye truth be told, I am sick and tired of that disease called “wedding meetings” and the nagging texts that follow.
I mean, some couples do not even care who receives the messages, it does not matter if one knows them or not. The texts will fill every inbox as if we are to blame for their ill planning.
Now to think that despite all the nagging, some shocking scenes like that of a car breaking down on the wedding day can happen is alarming! Talk of taking carelessness to another level, huh?


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