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Connie’s Tiffs : She deserved it for chatting up a mad man


They say life is too short, enjoy it while it lasts and make the most of it when you still can.
Ahem, these are some of the statements that have people running mad and doing all sorts of weird things.
I mean, just the other day as I manoeuvered through one of Kampala’s suburbs, I saw a seemingly sane woman trying to have a conversation with a mad man by the roadside. In the process, the mad man threw stones at her, with one hitting her windscreen.
It was easy to think that she was running mad too but the fact that she was able to drive off with a smile after all that, disputed everyone’s initial thoughts.
Now I know that stories such as “the Good Samaritan” from the Bible can ring a bell, but let’s face it, how does one expect to have a sane conversation with a mad person? What are their intentions in the first place? And please do not get me wrong, it is easy to sympathise with them.
However, stopping to have a conversation with one and ending up having your property vandalised is just not worth it, if you get what I mean.
Anyway, despite the damaged car, from the look of things, this lady seemed content as she left, at least judging by her smile.
This had most of us thinking, could she be the “real Good Samaritan” executing her role or did she have a hidden agenda that was achieved regardless of the damage to her vehicle? Unfortunately, these are thoughts that can only be proven by her while the rest of us still remain startled by the bizarre show she put up on that day.
Some people will forever amuse us at no cost. Eeeeishh!


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