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The acute angle :Decoding a woman’s signals

Women believe that by giving you the silent treatment for days or weeks, half of the world’s problems are being solved. She will run her fingers through her hair and make funny sounds with her lips, but if you dare ask her why she is acting weird, she will say, “It’s nothing”. There you go. If you ask her again, she will insist that nothing is bothering her and you will be lucky if she doesn’t hurl any insults or throw tantrums around.

The silent treatment is their mechanism to manipulate anyone, specifically their significant others. Ladies, the only problem you solve with the silent treatment is your noise. When a chick goes mute, she isn’t punishing her guy but relieving him. Sometimes guys need to see you women quiet for once and not whining about this or that.
A woman will always expect a guy to magically read into her silence and know what’s bothering her. When she says, “It’s nothing”, boss it’s never nothing. In fact, it is everything. Everything is bothering her and you would be shocked about the stuff that makes them go mute. Mbu ever since she changed her hair, you haven’t noticed. Something that small could blow into a national issue I tell you.
Normally, they want us to beg to find out and basically show concern but some chaps don’t have this patience. They would rather watch geckos mate on their ceiling than wait for a chick to decide and share what’s bothering her.
When a chick gives you the silent treatment, she has simply gone into attention seeking mode and expects you to read the signs. It’s up to you to either feed her the attention she craves or just ignore her. Kindly don’t ignore her though, because you might be spelling doom for yourself.
Woman always give off mixed signals. A woman’s “No” is more encouraging than a plain yes. In fact, they don’t even give you a straight “No”. It’s normally a well decorated answer in the form of “You are such a nice guy but I think we are better off as friends”. Ladies, telling a guy that he is nice is giving him the approval he wants and he will pursue you relentlessly. It’s hard to tell if a chick is playing hard to get or laying you off easily. The signals can be confusing.
You should see a chick who is auditioning for marriage and the hints she will give her boyfriend to quickly propose to her. Dude, if you find only bridal magazines in your rack and that your missus has been a bridesmaid at three consecutive weddings which you attended, she has prepared you sufficiently to propose the big question. You will find yourself desperately looking around town for rings. Oh these ladies!


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