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Hustler : Monill Bugingo

Monill is running a family business with his mother and sister. He has no regrets of doing this because it has helped in the family’s education and making useful contacts. He talks about this business in details.

What is the name of this business?
It’s called Bernito Interiors Ltd. It was named after my mother who is also the proprietor called Hajjati Bernadet Nassanga.

What services do you offer?
We deal in Spanish interiors, curtain accessories, curtain holders and all living room décor. We also offer office blinds, furniture, office partitions and tailoring services.

When was this enterprise started?
It was started eight years ago with just one tailoring machine in Kiyembe.

Why did you pick an interest in this kind of business?
First and foremost, this is a family business which was started by our mother eight years ago. She studied about it in South Africa and started doing it. Proceeds from this business have catered for our family  and seen us through school.

How much did she invest in it?
About Shs250,000 to buy a tailoring machine. She just expanded it and is still doing so.

Where do you buy the materials to make curtains from?
We buy them from Spain, China and Dubai.

How much do you sell the curtains and office furniture?
It depends on the material and metres one needs. A metre costs anything between 18k and 40k. But if someone is buying many, we can negotiate and reduce a certain percentage of 15 to 25 per cent. For the furniture, the cheapest item starts at Shs800,000, all the way to Shs10m.

How different are your materials from the rest in Kiyembe?
Our materials are genuine in that those people duplicate from us.

How long would it take to tailor curtains that fill a whole house?
It depends on how big the house is but to be precise, we can make curtains for four big houses in four days.

Where is this business located?
We have two shops at Equatorial Shopping Mall. A16 and 314 all on level 3 next to Bank of Africa.

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