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Connie Tiffs

Connie Tiffs: Of parents who want their toddlers to behave like adults

While at a shopping mall in Kampala recently, I watched in shock as this mum seemingly in her late 20s dragged her four-year-old around, all dressed in a pair of stilettos, adorned in colourful hair extensions with a cropped top and tight mini skirt to match.
Now by the time the girl is dressed like that, I do not have to go into the details of the mother’s look. Please feel free to imagine all sorts of weird dress codes that can come to mind.
As if that was not all, while at another hang-out later that day, I spotted this dude with his two daughters (seemingly under six years), laying low as he sipped on alcohol chatting away with his “boys” like they call themselves.
And I was thinking, where is the world headed to? Why are some lads too selfish that they will put their interest ahead of the child’s? I know that one could be quick to argue that sometimes the children demand for some of this stuff but hey … we are looking at toddlers who can easily adjust to whatever environment they are exposed to.

My thinking is that, that is why there are parents or guardians to see them through these phases, as opposed to introducing the wrong ideas by exposing them to everything before their bodies are ready to take it in.
Sometimes one is forced to think that such parents are living a missed phase in their life through the children. Like seriously, there is a limit to what a child can handle.
I doubt there is a reason sound enough to justify a child chilling at the bar, evidently fatigued and restless while the so called parent who is supposed to have its back, lead it to the right path in life is chatting away over a beer and cigarettes.
Such parents need to style up. I mean why bring a child to this world when clearly you are not ready to make sacrifices and do what is right?

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